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Before we officially launched our blog in September 2013, we took lots of practice photos! Here’s a sneak peak to the early beginnings of SAM. Photos were taken around March/April 2013. 

Student: Victoria

Program: 3rd Year Humanities

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop at Forever 21 a lot as well as H&M. It’s easy to find pieces to mix and match at those stores and their clothes are reasonably priced…most of the time.

Do you have any particular style influences?

Since I listen to a lot of foreign music, I guess a lot of my style influences come from the artists I listen to. The way they dress looks so cool and comfortably casual. (Lately I’ve been influenced by BoA, Lee Hyori, and Kim Jaejoong)

Where do you like to hang out in Hamilton?

As a member of McMaster KPC, I spend a lot of time on campus. When I’m not at school, I like to walk around the bayshore or wherever there’s water. I’ve also been known to go to King Karaoke with my friends from time to time.


Interviewer’s Note:

  • KPC = Korean Pop Culture club

Anonymous asked: I'll be coming to Mac next year and was wondering how to become a model for style at mac? :)

Hi there!

We will be looking for models for our annual fashion show during the fall. Also feel free to stop by our booth at Clubsfest in early September to learn more about us! =)

Student: Alah

Program: 1st Year Nursing

What is/are your largest source(s) of inspiration?

My largest source of inspiration is K-Pop!

Do you have any particular style icons?

My style icons are usually K-pop idols because they are so vibrant, unique and exciting.

If you could only bring one clothing item or accessory to a deserted island, what would it be and why?

If I had to bring one piece of clothing to a deserted island, it would be my really old jacket since it has a really familiar “home” scent to it; if I were deserted on an island by myself, I would feel pretty lonely, but my jacket would make me feel comfortable and safe.

What do you like best about Mac?

Definitely the people and the atmosphere! It’s very friendly and welcoming! I love most of the people I’ve met, especially my KPC family!


Interviewer’s Notes:

  • K-Pop = Korean pop music
  • KPC = Korean Pop Culture club

A Year in Review

The end of this school year marks the beginning of SUMMER as well as Style at Mac’s 1st birthday as a MSU club at McMaster University. As a brand new club, we did not anticipate the amount of interest generated and support received, so THANK YOU!

Only a few know about how SAM started. Like all great (and bad) things, it began as an idea. A small group of us (some very cool and fun kids) had previous experience planning fashion shows and wanted to incorporate this with a fashion blog focused on Mac students. We ran through a bunch of names, like “Mac Style Club”, “McMaster Fashion Association”, and many others before we rambled onto “Style at Mac… SAM!”. After that, we had this idea of completely personifying the club and integrating this SAM character into the Mac student community. Our club started with 3 students, then grew to 14, then grew to 30. We had a lot of success this year and even more fun. Here’s a recap of some things of which we are particularly proud:

Thrift Shop Challenge


Our Thrift Shop Challenge back in November was an event held at Value Village to challenge students to see if they are able to put an outfit together for $20 or less. The event aimed to promote budget-friendly fashion!

Multicultural Fashion Show


In February, SAM had the opportunity to collaborate with MSU Diversity Services to celebrate cultural diversity. During this event, several of our models performed a mini fashion show in the student center featuring garments from Ghana, China, Karan and India.

HORIZONS Fashion Show


Our HORIZONS Fashion Show was our biggest event of the year. The show acts as an outlet to empower McMaster student models, to support local designers and boutiques, and to raise money and awareness to a Hamilton-based charity, which was Living Rock this year. Throughout the full year, we recruited student models as well as talent performers to participate in our show. In March we had a sold-out show, enabling us to donate over $1300 to Living Rock.

The fashion show would have not been possible without the help of numerous boutiques and designers of the Hamilton area. Our show featured clothes from boutiques including Modify Your Closet, Harmony, O’s Clothes, Out of the Past, Newolds and Damsel. Some of our designers include McMaster student Emma Hale, as well as local designers such as Nebula Artwear, Natasha Gatto and Josette Cacnio. McMaster Campus Store also sponsored Style at Mac, allowing us to showcase McMaster clothing and to show off our school spirit.

This year, we donated to Living Rock because we admire the mission of the Hamilton-based charity, which is to “support youth aged 13-25 who are at risk of falling through the cracks in our community”. The organization helps youth with various risk factors such as poverty, mental illness, and addictions, and assists them in getting on the right track. Living Rock provides opportunities for youth by preparing them for employment and helping them move beyond their circumstances and receiving the best support possible.

Alliance for Body Peace


One of our final events of the year was our collaboration with Mac Alliance for Body and Peace to learn what students love most about themselves. By asking students to think about what they love about themselves, we want them to gain a sense of pride and to promote emotional wellness and confidence.

Student Style


Throughout the year, we feature the personal style of Mac students on our blog to showcase diversity in fashion at our university. This acts as an outlet for students to boast their personal style as well as to see the styles of their peers. Our trend bloggers also write many articles throughout the year about all things fashion – from nail art to raw denim to man buns

MSU Spirit Award


This year, Style at Mac was awarded the MSU Spirit Award, presented by McMaster Student Union. The MSU Spirit Award recognizes the campus group that has demonstrated superior spirit as well as “enthusiasm, participation, and dedication at McMaster University”. We are so proud to receive such an honourable award during our first year of operations. We are ecstatic that our efforts have been recognized and we continue to strive for our best in representing the McMaster community in a positive way! At this event, we were also honoured to meet Rudy Heinzl and the President of McMaster, Patrick Deane!

Southern Ontario Spring Women’s Show


In April, SAM was asked to participate in the 3-day exhibition Southern Ontario Spring Women’s Show in Hamilton. At this event, vendors from all over Southern Ontario displayed their unique products and services. The exhibit included a fashion show, a cupcake-decorating contest, and many guest speakers. All proceeds from the exhibit were donated to FAB Foundation, whose goal is to help young girls become strong women. At this event, SAM was able to meet many Canadian designers (including Linda Lundstrom!!!!) and show everyone what our club is all about!

Thanks for following SAM this year, attending our events, and spreading the love. It has been a wild ride and we have a lot planned for the upcoming years, so stay tuned!




Village Station Bazaar

If you’re hanging around in Hamilton this summer, the Village Station Bazaar needs to be on your summer bucket list! Local vendors unite at the historic Ferguson Station (in Hamilton’s International Village on Ferguson/King St E) to sell a variety of goods including vintage, clothing, books, and coffee. SAM’s very own Clothing Director, Liz, will be selling her African-inspired handbag collection at the event, and one of the boutiques from HORIZONS Fashion Show, Modify Your Closet, will also be there!

The event is outdoors, and runs from 11 am - 5 pm on the first Sunday of every month this summer (May 4, Jun 1, Jul 6, Aug 3). 

For more information, check out their Facebook page here

See you there!

Student: Hannah

Program: 2nd Year Honours Art History

Where do you find inspiration?

It’s a mix. Whatever catches my eye!

Where do you like to shop?

Forever 21, Urban Planet, and Bluenotes. I also shop online at and!

Where do you like to hang out on campus?

The student centre, and outside when it’s nice!

Student: Jeff

Program: 2nd Year Civil Engineering          

What is a deciding factor when determining what to wear in the mornings?

The weather, as well as who I’ll be seeing.

Where is your favourite place to shop?

I like to shop online, usually when there are sales. I also like ArtsCow for personalizing my own things!

Where do you like to study at Mac/in Hamilton?

Anywhere where I can be exposed to sunlight/trees while not being exposed to the cold/rain.

What is your favourite memory at Mac so far?

Meeting a diversity of people!

Student: Jill

Program: 2nd Year Electrical Engineering

Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram, as well as from Topshop!

Where is your favourite place to shop?

I like going to Lime Ridge, and also Urban Outfitters since they have lots of cool things!

What do you like most about Mac?

The campus! It’s close to the lake and is really pretty!

Student: Vincent

Program: 3rd Year Commerce

What/Who do you think is your biggest style influence?

I actually don’t have one; I pick out what to wear based on how I feel that day.

If you could only bring one clothing item to a deserted island, what would it be?

My coat, since it’s the first coat I bought with my own money!

Where do you like to study at Mac?

Mills or Innis, though I prefer Innis since it’s less crowded and allows me to focus more.

Student: Karen

Program: 2nd Year Software Engineering

Where do you look towards for inspiration?!

What spring trend are you looking forward to?

Shift blouses because they’re super comfortable and versatile!

Where do you like to study at Mac?

The café in ETB since I can’t study without my coffee.

Want to relive HORIZONS? 

The first SAM fashion show was a great success! With over 230 audience members, we were able to showcase the unique collections of local designers and boutiques. We raised $1369 for Living Rock, an organization located in downtown Hamilton that provides support for at-risk youth. 

Linda Lundström

Linda Lundström is a Canadian fashion designer. Born in a small town in Northern Ontario, she had no idea her love for sewing would turn into a career. At the young age of 23, Linda started her own business, Linda Lundström, which grew to over 150 employees in her Toronto factory, 400 retailers in North America, and three of her own retail stores. We had the opportunity to chat with Linda and her husband Joel at the Spring Women’s Show.


How did you first get into fashion?

“When I was three years old, apparently, I sat down at my mom’s sewing machine and tried to run it. I couldn’t reach the pedal, so she put the pedal on the table, took the needle out, and let me run it. By the time I was six, I was making my own clothes to wear to school.

We lived up North in a really small hamlet, near Red Lake Ontario. There were no stores. My mom’s prized possession was her little Singer sewing machine that she got from the Eaton’s catalogue. When you live in a small remote community like that, the Eaton’s catalogue was a small connection to the outside world. I always had the use of this sewing machine. By the age of 14, I was sewing and making things for other people. I loved it.

I left that tiny little town when I was 17, and moved to Winnipeg to finish high school. Then I went to Sheridan college [for fashion design], and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There were other people like me, so I kind of found my tribe. It’s important to find your tribe.”


Do you remember the first thing you ever made?

“No, because it was before I could remember. I didn’t have dolls, so I didn’t make doll clothes like most girls. I went right to making things for myself. I remember one thing I made when I was six, because there were photographs. I made myself a pumpkin orange corduroy pencil skirt to the knee with a zipper in it, and I wore that to school with plastic high heels that had sparkles inside of them. Imagine that, wearing a tight skirt to school when I was six!”


What is your inspiration for all your fashion lines?

At this point, Linda approached a woman at the cash register and introduced us to her. “See this woman right here? This is a woman who is not 5’10 and not 110 pounds or less, and doesn’t make her living as a model. You have a real life, a real body, and you are my inspiration.”


What advice would you give to students who want to be in the fashion industry?

“Join a gym and do weight training. It’s a very physically demanding job; you have to have a lot of energy and stamina and be able to lift heavy rolls of fabric. People underestimate how demanding a career in fashion business is. Also, you have to be pretty good at math. I’m talking about adding, subtracting, and percentages. If fabric was $7 a meter FOB in US dollars, well, how much is that in Canadian dollars? You also have to consider freight and brokerage and duty fees. A command of math is an important asset. This has nothing to do with creativity and design. I just talked about math and weight training. The next thing you need is good technical skills – to make a pattern, fit a pattern, cut, and think about the manufacturing process. How is this style going to flow through production? Once you thought about all those things, then you can think about the design, which for me is inspired by women, fabric, and what’s going on in the world. For example, there was a time when you couldn’t sell camouflage because there was a war going on.”


Our conversation with Linda was certainly one to remember. Her passion and energy for her collection, L designed by Linda Lundström, was contagious. Her charisma and friendly interactions with each woman who visited her shop made it seem like everyone was a long lost friend. To view her online shop, visit


Written by Andy Cheung, Sherry Du and Elizabeth Opoku

Student: Stephanie Williams

Program: 3rd Year Psych Neuroscience and Behaviour 

Describe your style with three words.

"Myself. Spontaneous. Chic."

What do you like about Mac so far?

"The acceptance of individuals."

Student: Julia

Program: 2nd Year Humanities

Where do you like to shop?

"Value Village"

What do you like about Mac so far?

"The classes"

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